Let’s Work Together!

I created this page for historians, educators, and Disney-lovers who want to get involved with the Enchanted Archives (EA). Whether you want to introduce EA in your classroom, design an assignment based on EA, submit library entries for publication on the site, and/or propose an EA walking tour, I’m excited to work with you. Like many public history projects, this one is collaborative. EA has been able to grow because undergraduates, faculty, and users have been willing to dedicate their time, whether that is in the form of direct feedback, words of encouragement, or even original research and writing. EA is flourishing because people like you chip in. That’s why I wanted to share some tips about how we can create something together.


I have used EA in the classroom several times, in both history and writing courses. I am certain that you can make it work in all sorts of classes for all types of students. The key, I think, is to get in touch with me so that we can figure out what type of assignment will work best for your classroom. Send me a note to historian@enchantedarchives.com. That way, I can tell you what’s already going on behind the scenes and share some items from my “wish list.” This “wish list” includes things that I would like to add to the site but haven’t found the time to get to. Then, we can match your students with an assignment or project that aligns with my short- and long-term goals.


Are you interested in doing a short- or long-term research project with me? Are you looking for a possible internship with EA? Let’s chat. Send me a note to historian@enchantedarchives.com.


You might have noticed from the library entry page that I have not done all of the research and writing for EA. That’s because I am not an expert in most of these topics but have been lucky to know people who are. I’ve worked with several authors (including my father-in-law) to create great EA content. If you would like to contribute to the site, please contact me at historian@enchantedarchives.com. I am open to hearing your ideas and would love to get your research and ideas out there. Be sure to send me an email before you start writing. I do not accept unsolicited contributions. Also, I have a lot of research and writing tips. The sooner you have those, the better!