Walking Tours

Calling all history buffs! Are you looking for something new to do at the Disney parks? Are you feeling nostalgic and want to get a Disney fix? Are you bored at work, crafting at home, or watching your kid’s soccer game and need a little entertainment? Check out our digital, mobile-friendly walking tours. I designed them to be used in the park, but they work just as well if you’re on your couch, at your desk, or in your car.

List of Tours

Walt Disney: A Life in Color: This ten-stop walking tour of Disneyland takes you through the life and work of Walt Disney. The goal of this tour is to get beyond the myths about Walt. You’ll learn about his upbringing and early career, his triumphs and accomplishments, and his dreams, but also his challenges, shortcomings, and lesser-known failures. Who was the man who built the “Happiest Place on Earth”? You’re about to find out.

Not up for reading? See below for an audio version of this tour. The location of the stop in Disneyland is in the title of each audio file. Enjoy!